Mobile service to your office, home, ALF or any other facility, Treatment of eyes diseases, Medication Management, Specialized optical devices, Provision of spectacles
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Our mission

- To provide expert serviceOur owner/operators aim to keep your satisfaction their highest priority
- To provide free adjustments and minor repairs
- To provide glasses
- To make sure you’re satisfied with your services
- To provide extraordinary value every day and to remember every time that Patient are our focus

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Care Vision

Why you need the care  Vision?
Regularly made the complete examinations of the vision can help to prevent the lost one with vision. The early detection and an opportune treatment of the diseases of the eyes can help to save their vision.

Eye Disease

One-fourth to one-half of generation childrens, youth ladislts has vision impairment susch as cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, and diabetic retinopathy.

Our Services

Who are candidates for eye care services?
As general rule, eye care professionals recomend that an eye examination should be performed yearly, with follow up as necessary to maintain optimum eye and visual heath.

Vision Specialty Care, the Eye care provider in South Florida 100%  customer satisfaction.

Vision Specialty Care with more than 15 years experience and 4 locations in the Miami Dade area our Mobile service serving more than 12000 patients it’s the leader on Vision care providing inside services on Skill Nursing facilities, Assistance Living facilities, Rehab Centers, Clinics, etc. Our mobile unit accommodate to infirm as well as the more independent resident. With ours professionalism in our industry we been able to provide the highest eye care level of service through our network of licensed and board certified eye care doctors (Ophthalmogy and Optometric)

Professionalism and our quality of care for our patients make Vision Specialty Care a great partner in helping your facility and patients to have the best eye care and functionality on practical level and independence.
Call us to obtain an appointment with one of our representative or to have an appointment with one of our doctors and you will see the difference.

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At Vision Specialty Care (VSC) *Patients are our focus*